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Business Engineering and Surgical Technologies


YEAR 2019-2020

  • Basics of Laparoscopy

    4 Lessonsin

    This chapter covers the fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery for students, residents, and healthcare professionals regardless their background. Material has been outlined in a way that these fundamentals are also of interest to experienced surgeons or healthcare professionals.

  • Laparoscopic Procedures

    In this chapter, you will be immersed in basic laparoscopic techniques and general surgical strategies explained step-by-step to increase your procedural knowledge and surgical anatomy.

  • MIS Technologies

    6 Lessonsin
    MIS Technologies

    In this chapter, emerging technologies are emphasized in order to advance new minimally invasive surgical strategies. This chapter is particularly of interest to health care professionals and biomedical engineers who want to know the technical aspects and clinical applications of new cutting edge devices or procedures.

  • Entrepreneurship: How To Get Started - Part I

    Recent remarkable advances in biomedical engineering created new opportunities to advance minimally invasive medical technology. This chapter provides an overview of multidisciplinary topics, combining computer science, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering with medicine. This chapter provides essential information for those involved with researching, designing, and using minimally invasive devices and systems. It emphasizes the technology required to accomplish minimally invasive medicine.

  • Entrepreneurship: How To Get Started - Part II

    Entrepreneurship in surgical innovation aims to engage students to become acquainted with definitions and concepts that include the innovation process, regulatory issues, patent law, and the market forces that impact the healthcare innovation process.

  • Bonus videos

    7 Lessonsin

    BONUS videos are not subject to a quiz rating. They allow you to understand other topics related to innovation, surgery and robotics. You can consult them freely without pre-requisites.




Digestive Surgery and Flexible Endoscopy



Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Flexible Endoscopy

Vivian Emmely de Ruijter

Vivian Emmely de Ruijter

Co-director, Life science innovation scientist Stanford university, Assistant director Stanford's Pediatric Health Technology Incubator



Entrepreneur I Innovator

Eugene CHEN

Eugene CHEN

Entrepreneur I Innovator


The B.E.S.T. Course was a singular and special time for me…an innovation process of thinking about the future, this brainstorming process requires an outstanding Faculty Team to inspire people, open them minds, and I’ve never seen one team so prepare for this. My phrase after the course is “If you can feel it, see it, dream it, you can do it.

Alessandro HAKME

Faculty of Technology Professor

Rediscovering yourself, brainstorming with inspiring people and getting better understandings on health, innovation and entrepreneurship are all come within this one and only, life changing program.

One will definitely be their best, if making the best out of B.E.S.T.


Biomedical Engineer

The experience I got during this BEST course has really opened my eyes, being able to see from different perspectives, and understanding how my work can solve real problems in the clinical practice.

Yoeko MAK

MSc in Robotics, working on my PhD at University of Twente


Extended Registration Period for B.E.S.T. Strasbourg x Taiwan

New deadline: 31st July, 2020 Are you ready to overturn convention, take risks and enhance your chances in succeeding as a young entrepreneur? Keeping your head in the clouds, feet on the ground, hands on technology - this one-week boot camp is designed to unleash...

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Opening of pre-registration on March 23, 2020 Do not miss the opening of the pre-registration for the onsite course! On-site Weeks will be host by IRCAD France, IRCAD Taiwan, IRCAD America Latina (Unit Barretos). Plenty of choices to join the house of surgical...

New program of on-line B.E.S.T. 2019/2020

Welcome to the new website B.E.S.T. Innovation Course & discover the new program of this year 2019-2020, the new training program will be available from Monday, December 5th, 2019. This program (online & onsite) learning is dedicated to the mini-invasive...